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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

Important Notice

The Housing Authority of the County of Hidalgo's waiting list for the HUD Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program will be open on Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

When the waiting list is open, applications may be picked up, completed and submitted on the application day(s). Applications will be handed out and accepted on the first and second Wednesday of each month from 8:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. at the office located at 1200 N. Standard, San Juan, TX (Villa San Juanita Rutledge office). They can also be downloaded and printed from our website to complete and submit on the application day(s). The application must be submitted in person and all adults must be present at the time of application. Please bring social security cards for all members listed on the application. Click on the Application link for details of the days, times and location of where they will be accepted.

Applications sent by fax, mail or email won't be accepted.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as 'Section 8', is a federal program that provides financial assistance to those who qualify. The program helps low income families and individuals, the elderly, and persons with disabilities by paying a portion of their monthly rent due to landlords.

How it Works

A person selected to participate in Section 8 HCV Program is issued a housing choice voucher and then has 60 days to locate suitable housing for the family's needs in the private rental market. The family also has the option to remain in their current location if the unit meets the requirements.

Once the family selects a unit, our Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspector must inspect the unit before initial leasing (and at least annually thereafter) to ensure that the unit meets HUD’s housing quality standards (HQS). The Housing Agency will then pay a rental subsidy each month to the landlord or property owner on behalf of the family participating in the Section 8 HCV Program.

Important Information

Landlords that participate in the HCV Program (S8) may often screen your credit and rental history prior to leasing. If discrepancies are found, your tenancy may be rejected.

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

What is FSS?

A 5 year program established by the Housing Authority of the County of Hidalgo (HACH) to promote economic Self-Sufficiency among participating eligible families receiving housing assistance.

Eligible Families

"Eligible Families" mean a family that receives assistance under Section 8 HCV Program that is willing to participate and enter into a 5-year FSS Contract of Participation.

Contact Information

Section 8 HCV Program

When the waiting list is open, you can download our application for our Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program. If you have questions or want more information feel free to contact us during our office hours.

Teresa Villa
Section 8 HCV Manager
1800 N. Texas Blvd.
Weslaco, TX. 78599
Phone: (956) 968-8669
Fax: (956) 447-2851

Attention Families Looking for Section 8 Voucher Assistance

Watch out for SCAMS! Reportedly, there are Internet Sites claiming to be application sites for voucher assistance. They are taking fees and personal information from people claiming to put them on waiting lists. These are BOGUS! The only way you can apply for voucher assistance is directly through a local housing authority. In Texas, visit the following website to find the applicable housing authority: